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There are several ways and ways to make money with bitcoin or to work with bitcoin.
Among the options there are the trades, which is actually the buying and selling of bitcoin, buys in the low, it sells itself on the high and makes the profit with the difference.
What is the risk of this operation?
The Investor runs the risk of buying on the high and seeing the bitcoin fall, for fear of losing more money, sell low. Hence instead of profit if it has loss.
Another option is you open a bitcoin brokerage and other crypto-coins, for this you can, buy a brokerage script at and start your brokerage business.
What are the risks of this operation?
Well, the first risk is that the script does not work perfectly, to fix it you will need a php developer The second risk is after having your bitcoins broker installed you can be invaded by a hacker and have your funds stolen if you do not have adequate IT security support.
Another risk is not knowing how to advertise your brokerage house and it is a brokerage without users, that is, does not generate profits.
Another option is the Mining of Bitcoins.
This option requires an investment of $ 1,000.00 thousand dollars in last generation computers. These computers validate bitcoins operations around the world and the miner receives a small percentage of each confirmation.
What is the risk of the bitcoin mining operation?
First the investment is high, but if you are thinking of a physical and real thing, you will hardly lose money equipment. The biggest risk of this operation is the consumption of high and constant electric energy, these machines constantly connected can consume a lot of energy and at the end the energy may be higher than or very close to revenues from mining.
Investing in BITCOINTREE is also an option.
First the value to invest is very low, and fixed. Second, the site is transparent by showing investors' addresses for receipt.
Investment risk, the risk lies in having to wait for new investors to complete their profit.

How can I state that bitcointree is reliable?
We can start by stating that the creator of bitcointree was one of the victims of a coup known as double bitcoin.
How to think mathematically, he thought, doubling $ 300.00 dollars in 24 hours, doing this every day will get rich, or else I will lose $ 300.00 dollars.
Once the Investment had waited 48 hours to receive its investment and nothing happened, another blow of scam. Sadly he stayed, but not discouraged, the creator of bitcointree, programmer, figured out how to do this really happens.
First thing to imagine that a financial systems of investors can not work with high values.
Another question is, if the values ??are low can they be different? No, they can not. It goes without saying that if values ??are different, they can not be safety. Now one deposits $ 10.00, Another deposits $ 18.00, Another $ 56.00, how could it be possible to rate this safely? This breaks down and does not hold up, after all it would take 6 $ 10.00 to pay one of $ 56.00, and the owner of the system earns what?
This, if it is not possible to rate with any random values, the value must be fixed.
Another thing is the promise of deadline. How can one promise a deadline?
It is not possible to promise term. We do not know when the next person will queue up and pay.
Okay, I understand, you can not promise a deadline, but how can I guarantee that I'll get paid if someone else comes in and pays?
Very simple: Your bitcoin address will not get out of the queue until you get at least twice what you invested.
That is, as long as there is no confirmation of payment for your bitcoin address, it will be shown to the next investor. It will be in the queue of payments, you will see it there.
And what's better, you still run the risk of receiving more than the amount invested, since you will not leave the site, until the confirmation of your payment.
Another question arises, beauty I understood all this, but what about the website owner, how do you make money?
Since I am sending money to a specific bitcoin address, it will not be broken down to pay commissions. That is, there is no way for the site owner to make money, so there would be no logic in keep the site open unless it was not true.
It was said by a sage, that whoever does not learn to divide, can not multiply.
Then thought, very simple, we will split the send in two accounts, two addresses bitcoins. Always one of the accounts will be the maintainer of the site, the other will be the investor.
If so, here is a real investor bitcoin address that is waiting for payment.
It will take 4 new investors to make the wheel spin and pay the investment to the first.
How to confirm the payment?
We keep a robot (for easy understanding), which every ten seconds asks at (HERE IS THE BITCOIN ADDRESS), if there was the sending of money to the addresses that should send.
Confirmed that the transaction has been made, but not yet confirmed, this investor address leaves the receiving queue and goes to the confirmation queue.
Our robot again continues to ask, now, if the transaction was confirmed. If the sum of the confirmed transactions does not reach double the amount invested in 48 hours (after receiving the transaction), this address returns to the queue until it completes double the amount invested. In other words, there is no deadline, but your address is there, to complete your payment.
So you can rely on BITCOINTREE, after all, why bother doing something wrong when you actually get a fat commission on every transaction you make? Yes BITCOINTREE is reliable and you can enter trust and get back on the wheel as many times as you want with the certainty of transparency and smoothness of the site.
Entered the wheel, once, twice, or more times and received, made reliable transactions, invite all your friends and live a new life with much more money in your day to day.
We will not pay commissions for referring friends, we believe that inviting your friends and family is the least you can do to thank.

Send email to [email protected] with your bitcoin address plus the two you've sent and the confirmation page at IS THE BITCOIN ADDRESS). It is likely that our robot has already confirmed your transaction, but if confirmation has failed, we will check manually, and your bitcoin address will be shown within 48 hours if everything is correct.

Send an email to [email protected] with your bitcoin address that sent the funds and it will be replied within 48 hours.


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